Use a BookBridge™

BookBridges™ are most effective when they are used! So, read them, share them and discuss them.

BookBridge™ discussions can encourage growth for stronger families, parenting and marriages by sharing the heart of the book with the hearts of the world though the heart of relationship.

BookBridges really can help you and your friends take at least one step that makes a difference.  

Try it!
Get some friends, neighbors or parents from school or church or work together. Spend 10 – 15 minutes reading through a BookBridge™  – online or print them out – and then use the provided discussion questions and talk!

No preparation required. It’s really simple.

BookBridge Discussion Questions:
pdf Marriage BookBridge Group Discussion Questions (205.33 kB)
pdf Parenting BookBridge Group Discussion Questions (205.69 kB)