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The Family Resource Library was built by people like you and we need your help to continue to build solid, useful BookBridges™ that bring the heart of the book to the hearts of the world. It’s not really that hard. And you don’t have to be a writer to do it! You can actually share life, parenting and marriage help with people all over the world from your own living room. So, take one of those books you have been meaning to read for a long time, or one that is your on-going go-to, and share the heart of it with the hearts of the world! You may personally build and submit a BookBridge™ or you can work with a group.  Whether you choose to work on your own or with others, please download the doc BookBridge™ Building Guide and Working Copy (27 kB) and use that as a working copy. After you complete your work, you have two options for getting it to us:

  1. You can cut and paste the BookBridge™ onto the provided online form. However, once you begin filling in the online BookBridge™ form, you will need to fill in all the blanks before you submit it. Be aware that whatever you have entered will be lost if you leave this page without submitting.
  2. Or, you can email your working copy to us at

If you choose to work with others, you may want to try this option: Discuss the book together using either the pdf Parenting BookBridge Group Discussion Questions (205.69 kB) or the pdf Marriage BookBridge Group Discussion Questions (205.33 kB) and write the BookBridge™ by capturing the resulting conversation in the working copy document as you discuss by having someone capture the conversation on their computer. Focus on your conversation and leave the typing to the designated copywriter. After you finish your discussion, completing the questions, look over the content together to be sure you captured the heart of the book. Submit using the online form below, remembering to fill in all blanks before submitting, or email it. We are currently building up our marriage BookBridge™ library. Here is our wish list of books we’d like to have as BookBridges: doc Marriage BookBridge Wish-List (27 kB) We personally review all BookBridge™ submissions and reserve the right to edit and post as necessary. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with others! Download our BookBridge™ Building Guide and Working Copy: doc BookBridge™ Building Guide and Working Copy (27 kB)

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